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Technical Assistance Programs

The CBA Request Information System (CRIS) is used to submit CBA Requests, as well as monitor, track, and follow-up on CBA Requests. A user ID and password are required to access this CDC-sponsored web application. Visit CDC's Capacity Building Branch (CBB) site to learn more about CRIS and CBB resources.  

CDC continues to provide funds to organizations to assist in building capacity of funded grantees (including state and local health departments and community-based organizations) in implementing HIV prevention programs.  

CBA Program Announcement: PS14-1403

Capacity Building Assistance for High-Impact HIV Prevention: "This program will strengthen the capacity of the HIV prevention workforce to optimally plan, implement, and sustain high-impact prevention (HIP) interventions and strategies within health departments, community-based organizations, and healthcare organizations to reduce HIV infections and related morbidity, mortality, and health disparities across the United States and its territories." 

To learn more about the CBA Program Announcement - PS14-1403, including the award amount and recipients, please visit CDC's Capacity Building Branch site.

Capacity Building Branch:    Phone: 404.718.7850    E-mail:
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