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Core Elements & Fact Sheet

About ConnectHIP

ConnectHIP is a relationship-based intervention that teaches couples techniques and skills to enhance the quality of their relationship, communication, and shared commitment to safety and health. ConnectHIP integrates family therapy techniques that allow couples to harness their strengths and resources and to work together to solve shared problems. Testing for HIV/STDs and medication adherence within a continuum of care are part of the ConnectHIP intervention.

Intervention/Strategy Core Elements*:

  • Working with sexual and/or drug using partners together in structured, facilitated
    sessions emphasizing the relationship as the focus of change.
  • Creating a prevention and/or risk-reduction strategy customized to the partners’
    relationship history, characteristics and agreements.
  • Identifying how gendered expectations, stereotypes, stigma, and power imbalances
    influence decisions regarding behavioral and biomedical prevention approaches.
  • Using modeling, practice, and goal setting to promote mastery in communication,
    negotiation, problem-solving and social support enhancement within partnerships
    to reduce risks.
  • Enhancing skills to navigate family, community and structural-level barriers that
    impact risk reduction and access to care.
  • Facilitating linkage to care and other needed services to address co-occurring
*Core elements are the characteristics of an individual intervention presumed to be responsible for the efficacy of the intervention.

Additional Information

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