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Training Materials & Implementation Resources

Implementing Many Men, Many Voices

The materials and resources listed on this page support the implementation of Many Men, Many Voices. These downloadable resources are for use by health departments, community-based organizations, health care organizations, and other organizations seeking to implement Many Men, Many Voices. The resources are evidence-based and designed to allow for cost-effective, scalable implementation.

3MV Manuals and Guides 

3MV Handouts

The numbers before each document (e.g.1.1) correspond to the 3MV session in which each handout should be used.

3MV Monitoring & Evaluation Tools (Facilitator's Guide)

3MV Monitoring & Evaluation Tools (Implementation Manual)

3MV Marketing Materials

3MV Additional Resources

Facilitator's Guide PowerPoint

3MV Monitoring & Evaluation Tools (Implementation Manual)

3MV Implementation Tools

3MV References

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