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About Data to Care

Data to Care (D2C) is a public health strategy that uses HIV surveillance and other data to support the HIV Care Continuum, by identifying persons living with HIV who are in need of HIV medical care or other services and facilitating linkage to those services.

D2C approaches may vary and range in scope and design. Some examples of D2C activities include using HIV surveillance data routinely collected by state and local health departments and other data sources to:

  • Identify persons who are not in care (NIC) and then link or re-engage them in care.
  • Identify persons who are in care but are not virally suppressed and work with the clients and their providers to support attaining viral suppression.
  • Identify pregnant women or mothers and their exposed infants who may need coordinated services (perinatal HIV services coordination).

Considerations for Implementing Data to Care:

Data to Care (D2C) should be implemented as part of a comprehensive strategy for linkage to and re-engagement in care activities. It is a collaborative effort between the health department, HIV medical providers, and essential support service providers. When implemented as part of a comprehensive strategy, D2C programs have the ability to result in:

  • Improved surveillance data quality.
  • Better collaboration among surveillance.
  • Prevention and care and treatment staff.
  • Successful linkage to or re-engagement in care for persons living with HIV.
  • Expanded partner services for persons living with HIV not newly diagnosed, including an opportunity to re-interview individuals out of care, conduct partner notification, and offer testing and other prevention services.
  • Identification of and follow-up with HIV diagnosed individuals who may be in care, but are not virally suppressed, and may need adherence support or other services.

This website contains resources and tools to assist health departments to implement D2C in their jurisdictions.  Many of the resources and tools include examples. Descriptions of D2C programs or models shared on this site are for illustrative purposes only.

Public health officials working in HIV prevention and surveillance need to be familiar the important considerations and safeguards that need to be addressed when developing a Data to Care program. To learn more about the important considerations for developing and implementing a D2C program in your jurisdiction, please review the Data to Care Important Considerations document.

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