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The Every Dose Every Day toolkit (E2D2)

The Every Dose Every Day toolkit (E2D2) is designed to help providers support medication adherence among people with HIV. Below you will find links to the E2D2 resources. 

E2D2 Adherence Strategies

  • HEART - Individual/dyadic, social support and problem-solving intervention delivered before and in the first two months after initiating ART, includes a patient-identified support partner
  • SMART Couples - Discordant couple-level intervention, addresses ART adherence and safer sex practices within the dyad, by fostering active support between partners
  • Peer Support - Individual-and group-level intervention, where HIV-positive people, currently adherent to ART, serve as peers and provide medication-related social support
  • Partnership for Health for Medication Adherence - Individual-level, clinic-based, brief provider-administered intervention emphasizes the importance of the patient-provider relationship to promote adherence.

E2D2 Program Monitoring Companion

E2D2 Consumer Handouts

E2D2 Fact Sheet & Program Guidance

E2D2 Posters

Features real persons with HIV and their reason for staying adherent. The posters are available in different download versions (where applicable).

E2D2 Application

To download the Every Dose Every Day App, visit the App Store or Google play Store.

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