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About The Every Dose Every Day Toolkit

The Every Dose Every Day toolkit (E2D2) is designed to help providers support medication adherence among people with HIV. The toolkit is comprised of four medication adherence strategies, one mobile application, consumer handouts and posters, and a program monitoring companion. To access any of the materials listed below, please visit the Resources & Tools page.

E2D2 Adherence Strategies:

The four medication adherence strategies can be delivered by a variety of HIV providers, including medical providers, licensed social workers, HIV case managers, health educators and/or peers.

  • HEART - Individual/dyadic, social support and problem-solving intervention delivered before and in the first two months after initiating anti-retroviral therapy (ART), includes a patient-identified support partner.
  • SMART Couples - Discordant couple-level intervention, addresses ART adherence and safer sex practices within the dyad, by fostering active support between partners.
  • Peer Support - Individual-and group-level intervention, where HIV-positive people, currently adherent to ART, serve as peers and provide medication-related social support.
  • Partnership for Health for Medication Adherence - Individual-level, clinic-based, brief provider-administered intervention emphasizes the importance of the patient-provider relationship to promote adherence.

Consumer handouts and flyers:

E2D2 includes a number of downloadable materials that can be used by programs implementing E2D2 strategies.

Program Monitoring Companion

This document provides tools for monitoring your medication adherence program and interpreting your program monitoring data.

Every Dose Every Day Mobile Application

The E2D2 mobile application assists people with HIV with dose, refill, and medical appointment reminders. Additionally, the app features lab tracking (e.g., viral load and CD4 count) and a notes section that can be used to document side effects or other information may be useful in discussing adherence challenges with their medical provider. The mobile app can be used alone or in combination with any of the 4 medication adherence strategies.

The interactive Every Dose Every Day Toolkit includes the following topics:

  • Benefits of ART adherence
  • Components of each adherence strategy
  • Key players and staff roles and responsibilities
  • Overview of session content
  • Strategy in action (e.g., videos of sessions)
  • Integrating the strategy into practice
  • Additional resources (e.g., downloadable comprehensive implementation materials, consumer materials conveying the importance of adherence, and information about requesting technical assistance and capacity building)

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