Effective Interventions

Effective Interventions

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New Advances in HIV Diagnostic Testing - Training for Health Professionals

An interactive e-Learning tool for clinicians to identify key characteristics and follow-up needs for patients with either positive or negative 4th generation HIV test results. CME/CNE available. Please visit -www.4thGenHIVTests.edc.org.

Compendium of Evidence-Based Interventions and Best Practices for HIV Prevention

CDC's Prevention Research Synthesis (PRS) Project routinely updates an online Compendium of Evidence-Based Interventions and Best Practices for HIV Prevention by adding newly identified evidence-based interventions (EBI) and best practices that have been scientifically proven to significantly reduce HIV risk or promote HIV care. The compendium comprises three chapters: a new chapter lists best practices for promoting linkage to, retention in and re-engagement in HIV medical care; a chapter lists EBIs for promoting HIV medication adherence among persons with HIV; and a chapter lists behavioral EBIs for reducing sex or drug injection behaviors directly impacting HIV transmission risk.

The materials on this site are designed for HIV/AIDS prevention with persons at risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV. They are meant to be resources used by HIV prevention providers such as health departments and community-based organizations so as to provide the best evidence-based HIV prevention services. These materials are not meant for the general public. They are not meant for children. They are not school-based HIV prevention strategies.