Effective Interventions

Effective Interventions

High Impact Prevention

Note: This course does not focus on the use of social media for promoting testing.

SNS LogoThe Social Network Strategy (SNS) for HIV testing recruitment is an evidence supported approach to recruiting high-risk people. SNS is based on the underlying principles that people in the same social network share the same risks and risk behaviors for HIV. In addition, people in the same social network know and trust each other and can exert influence on each other. The approach includes identification of clients or peers who are HIV positive or at high risk for HIV, and enlist them to become Recruiters. Recruiters are short-term, unlike peers advocates or peer educators, and require coaching, rather than training and supervision. The Recruiters identify their Network Associates. Network Associates are people in their social networks (e.g, friends, sex or drug partners, family members, etc.) who are at risk of HIV. Typically, Recruiters identify Network Associates whom they believe would benefit from HIV Testing Services. The Recruiters then talk with the Network Associates they identified, and refer or accompany/escort them to the location where they can receive HIV testing services.

Training Information: SNS for HIV testing recruitment  

The goals of the 2 day SNS course are for participants to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of SNS;
  • Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to implement SNS; and 
  • Provide an overview of programmatic considerations to direct and plan a SNS program
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the Social Network Strategy
  • Describe the four phases of the Social Network Strategy
  • Draw a Social Network diagram
  • Demonstrate the use of program data for program monitoring
  • Describe steps to develop a plan for integrating Social Networking Strategy into an existing program. 

To apply for the SNS training, please visit the HIP Training Calendar. Enter SNS in the search field and adjust the date parameters to the time frame that you are interested in receiving training.  

Program Review Panel Information

The CDC requires all CDC-funded agencies using the SNS strategy to identify, or establish, and utilize a Program Review Panel and complete Form 0.113 to document this activity. SNS researchers and developers are not involved in this activity. This is a CDC requirement for their grantees, and all questions in this regard should be directed to your agency's CDC Project Officer or to the health department funding your agency's implementation of the SNS strategy.

The Program Review Panel guidelines, instructions for completion of Form 0.113, and the form itself are available under the Related Links section of this website.

Coming soon! Additional resources on SNS for HIV testing services.

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The materials on this site are designed for HIV/AIDS prevention with persons at risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV. They are meant to be resources used by HIV prevention providers such as health departments and community-based organizations so as to provide the best evidence-based HIV prevention services. These materials are not meant for the general public. They are not meant for children. They are not school-based HIV prevention strategies.