Effective Interventions

Effective Interventions

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Data to Care

Monitoring and Evaluating a Data to Care Program

Monitoring and evaluating a Data to Care program are important activities for optimizing both program performance and outcomes. Health departments should involve individuals with experience in program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) from the inception in the design and implementation of a Data to Care program. All Data to Care M&E activities should adhere to the principles described in this site’s ethical considerations section. While it is important to conduct M&E activities because they can improve the performance of a Data to Care program, it is equally important to minimize or avoid adverse outcomes; thus, health departments should take into account important ethical considerations.

To get started, there are some basic questions that health departments and their partners should ask as they are designing and developing their Data to Care program.

Once health departments have answered these questions, they can proceed with creating a Data to Care evaluation plan and interpreting and using program and outcome data.

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