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Quick Facts & Updates on Safe in the City

We appreciate your interest in Safe in the City! Here are some quick facts and updates on the diffusion of the Safe in the City intervention. 

The Safe in the City research article was released on June 24, 2008 at 8AM ET. The Safe in the City (SITC) homepage launched at that same time and within a few hours we had received over 50 online requests for the SITC kit. In its first five months, the Safe in the City homepage was viewed on the Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions (DEBI) site, www.effectiveinterventions.org, more than 12,000 times.

We received close to 2,000 requests for the SITC kit, many of which were duplicate requests from staff at the same agency. In response, CDC disseminated over 1200 SITC kits to STD, Health Service, and Family Planning clinics, Health Departments and Universities. By September 2008, CDC had depleted their initial inventory of SITC kits. Additional kits were ordered from the supplier. However, demand continued to overwhelm the supply.

To accommodate those agencies who could most effectively implement SITC, CDC established the following shipping priorities for receiving the kit:

  • 1st   Priority: STD, Health Services and Family Planning clinics
  • 2nd Priority: Health Departments
  • 3rd  Priority: University Student Health Centers, University Research and Hospitals

All other agencies that requested the kit and did not fall within CDC's priority categories were  encouraged to access the online Safe in the City resources from this site.

Kits were shipped (based upon availability) within 7-14 days of receiving the online request.

Due to limited supply, one kit was provided per agency. For additional copies of the DVD, agencies were asked to make duplicates of the one they received or download the materials from this site.

The inventory of SITC kits was depleted at the end of September 2009 and the online request form for receiving the kit by mail was removed.  During this time, the SITC kit was available only by download. In May 2010, due to heavy demand, CDC replenished the inventory of SITC kits. 

To download and order the 23-minute educational DVD, display posters, and User's Guide, click here.

A note for school-based programs: Safe in the City is not designed for or evaluated with children or adolescents. Therefore, CDC is not supporting the distribution of the Safe in the City materials for use as a primary or secondary school-based or adolescent HIV/STD prevention strategy.

A note for CBOs requesting SITC as an alternate video for the VOICES/VOCES intervention: Three new VOICES/VOCES videos plus the Safe in the City video and a New Video Guide are available for CBOs and Health Departments whose staff attended a CDC-sponsored VOICES/VOCES training. To learn more about the VOICES mailer and to make a request, please click here to visit the VOICES/VOCES homepage. Below are the DVDs that are included in the VOICES/VOCES mailer:

  • Do it Right (for African American heterosexual adults)
  • Se Trata de Ti (entirely in Spanish for Latino heterosexual adults)
  • It's About You (the English version of Se Trata de Ti)
  • Safe in the City (for adults at risk for HIV/STDs)

The materials on this site are designed for HIV/AIDS prevention with persons at risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV. They are meant to be resources used by HIV prevention providers such as health departments and community-based organizations so as to provide the best evidence-based HIV prevention services. These materials are not meant for the general public. They are not meant for children. They are not school-based HIV prevention strategies.