Effective Interventions

Effective Interventions

High Impact Prevention

Partnership for Health

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Getting Started with Partnership for Health

We strongly recommend that clinics consider the following guidelines prior to requesting training:

  • Clinics should anticipate at least a 4 to 6 month start-up
  • Identify resources to reproduce and print program materials. 
  • View the intervention posters.
  • Identify a "champion" or site coordinator for the intervention who can begin establishing clinic "buy-in" and commitment to the adoption of PfH and integration of prevention messages as an essential component of patient care.
  • Prepare clinic staff for a three part training process that includes:
    • Orientation of staff to the intervention (2-4 weeks before training)
    • 4-5 hour intervention training
    • Booster training (4-6 weeks after the training)
  • Plan for and conduct program monitoring and evaluation.
  • Review the Partnership for Health Starter Kit Guide that includes a wealth of planning information.

Starter Kit Materials:

  • Blue Poster Patient Perspective (34KB)
    A smaller poster that communicates thoughts from the patient perspective.
  • Blue Poster Provider Perspective (39KB)
    A smaller poster that communicates thoughts from the provider perspective.
  • Brochure (579KB)
    The brochure serves as reading material for patients that arrive at the clinic. Providers also use the brochure as a guide for having the PfH conversation with the patient. Provided in English & Spanish.
  • Chart Stickers (38KB)
    Can be used in the patient's medical record to document that safer sex counseling was provided and can serve as a reminder to the provider of what issues were discussed during the previous visit.
  • Exam Room Posters (English and Spanish) (534KB) 
    Conveys messages about reducing unsafe behaviors.
  • Provider Pocket Guide (445KB)
    May be used as a tool to guide the provider's conversation about sexual behaviors and disclosure.
  • Starter Kit Guide (179KB)
    Provides step-by-step information to clinic managers and directors about the start up process for PfH, including: planning, implementating and maintaining PfH at their clinic.
  • Waiting Room Posters (914KB)
    Posters that are used to communicate the PfH theme: The Action of One, The Partnership of Two and the Power of Many.

The materials on this site are designed for HIV/AIDS prevention with persons at risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV. They are meant to be resources used by HIV prevention providers such as health departments and community-based organizations so as to provide the best evidence-based HIV prevention services. These materials are not meant for the general public. They are not meant for children. They are not school-based HIV prevention strategies.