Effective Interventions

Effective Interventions

High Impact Prevention

Holistic Health Recovery Program

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  • Agency Readiness Self-Assessment is intended to assist agencies (e.g., CBOs) to determine if they currently possess the capacity, or can build the capacity, to adopt and implement Holistic Health Recovery Program (HHRP).
  • HHRP Implementation Plan
  • Key Characteristics are activities and delivery methods for conducting an intervention that, while considered of great value to the intervention, can be altered without changing the outcome of the intervention. These activities can be adapted and tailored for different agencies and at-risk populations.

    Agency Requirements are aspects of the intervention that must be in place for the program to be effectively and safely implemented.

The materials on this site are designed for HIV/AIDS prevention with persons at risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV. They are meant to be resources used by HIV prevention providers such as health departments and community-based organizations so as to provide the best evidence-based HIV prevention services. These materials are not meant for the general public. They are not meant for children. They are not school-based HIV prevention strategies.