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Effective Interventions

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SMART Couples e-Learning Training Information

SMART Couples is a couple-level intervention administered to individual discordant couples, with poor medication adherence in the HIV-positive partner. The intervention consists of four sessions with the patient and his/her partner and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. Sessions address adherence to ART and safer sex behaviors within the couple dyad by nurturing active support for the HIV-positive partner from their HIV-negative partner, and vice-versa. The intervention includes cognitive-behavioral components to identify barriers, reinforce health behaviors, and problem-solving strategies to identify and overcome adherence barriers. Key components of SMART Couples include education about the importance of adherence to avoid viral resistance, health maintenance, identification of non-adherence patterns and increasing social support for positive health outcomes. SMART Couples sessions are best delivered by a licensed social worker or counselor, HIV case manager, health educator, or nurse with experience working with a couple dyad and providing adherence counseling and education.
Target Population: The target population for SMART Couples is any discordant couple, with poor adherence in the HIV-positive partner. The discordant couple must have a relationship duration of 6 months or more.
SMART Couples e-learning Module
Target audience for the SMART Couples e-learning module: This training is intended for licensed social workers or counselors, HIV case managers, health educators, or nurses with experience working with a couple dyad and providing adherence counseling and education.

The e-Learning module for SMART Couples will provide you with an overview of the SMART Couples strategy, objectives, and instructional methods of the course. 

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This online module is a required activity that contains information that is necessary for implementing the SMART Couples strategy. The content of this module will provide you with background information on SMART Couples, its theoretical basis and key components of the strategy, an overview of the client sessions, and pre-implementation activities. Continuing education (CE) is available for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and health educators who are certified health education specialist (CHES). If you are interested in obtaining continuing education, please follow the directions at the end of the course. If you are not interested in obtaining continuing education, please print your certificate at the end of the module.

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe the key components of the SMART Couples strategy
  • Describe the role of the partner in promoting adherence
  • Identify problem-solving skills to address adherence barriers
  • Discuss issues of sex, intimacy and transmission risk behaviors in the couple dyad
  • Identify and describe social and behavioral factors associated with medication non-adherence, and identify strategies to improve adherence. 

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