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Effective Interventions

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HEART (Helping Enhance Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy)

HEART e-Learning Training Information

Helping Enhance Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy (HEART) is a 5-session individual and dyadic-level intervention. The social support and problem-solving intervention includes 5 sessions and a patient-identified support partner. Two sessions are delivered just before initiating antiretroviral therapy and 3 sessions occur during the first two months after initiation of antiretroviral therapy. The first two sessions substitute for standard of care pre-medication adherence counseling. Participants are also contacted by phone between intervention sessions. The patient-identified support partner can attend all 5 sessions, but is required to attend at least 2 of the first 4 sessions, one of which needs to be a pre-medication session. Patients and support partners work through a series of problem-solving activities to identify and address adherence barriers. At each session, the person delivering HEART sessions follows a Semi-Structured Interview for Developing Medication Adherence Plans (SIDMAP) to review current circumstances and barriers, evaluate whether the strategies have been enacted and are working, generate new strategies if necessary, and update the list of barriers. HEART sessions are best delivered by a nurse, HIV case manager, or health educator with experience providing adherence counseling and education.
Target Population: The target population for HEART is any individual who is ART naïve or changing their ART regimen and willing to participate in the intervention.

HEART e-learning Module
Target audience for the HEART e-learning module: This training is intended for individuals who will be responsible for conducting HEART sessions with clients, (i.e., nurse, HIV case manager, health educator, licensed social worker). These persons should have experience providing adherence counseling and education.

The e-Learning module for HEART will provide you with an overview of the HEART strategy, objectives, and instructional methods of the course. 

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This online module is a required activity that contains information that is necessary for implementing the HEART strategy. The content of this module will provide you with background information on HEART, its theoretical basis and key components of the strategy, an overview of the client sessions, and pre-implementation activities. Continuing education (CE) is available for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and health educators who are certified health education specialist (CHES). If you are interested in obtaining continuing education, please follow the directions at the end of the course. If you are not interested in obtaining continuing education, please print your certificate at the end of the module.

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe the key components of the HEART strategy
  • Describe the role of the support partner in promoting adherence
  • Describe the use of an Individualized Adherence Plan in HEART Sessions
  • Describe the role of the provider during Heart sessions and phone calls
  • Identify and describe social and behavioral factors associated with medication non-adherence, and identify strategies to improve adherence.


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