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Effective Interventions

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Partnership for Health - Medication Adherence e-Learning Training Information

PfH – Medication Adherence is a brief, clinic-based individual-level, provider-administered intervention strategy that emphasizes the importance of the patient-provider relationship to promote the patient’s health. This intervention includes several components: 1.) brochures that introduce the patient to the concept of partnership with the provider and contain adherence messages; 2.) posters conveying the partnership theme in the waiting room and posters with adherence messages in the examination rooms; and 3.) communication from the provider during the medical visit to further establish the partnership, deliver adherence messages, and discuss pill scheduling and adherence goals. During each medical visit, the provider delivers a brief counseling session (3-5 minutes). On a monthly basis at subsequent clinic appointments, patients are given information that may cover a variety of topics – viral load and CD4 T-cell count, benefits of HIV medicines, tips to stay on schedule with taking your medications, and preventing drug resistance. Other intervention materials include printed and verbal messages about the patient’s regimen, potential side effects, and the importance of adherence. During clinic visits, the provider helps the patient problem-solve barriers to adherence to increase the patient’s confidence with staying adherent to their regimen. In addition, the provider helps the patient to identify behavioral cues to tailor pill-taking to his/her daily routine and create a detailed daily pill-taking reminder chart.
Target Population: The target population for PfH – Medication Adherence is any individual who is ART naïve or changing their ART regimen.
PfH - Medication Adherence e-learning Module
Target audience for the PfH-Medication Adherence e-learning module: This training is intended for HIV clinical providers, (i.e., physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses).

The e-Learning module for Partnership for Health will provide you with an overview of the Partnership for Health strategy, objectives, and instructional methods of the course. 

Complete the Partnership for Health-Medication Adherence module. 
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This online module is a required activity that contains information that is necessary for implementing the Partnership for Health strategy. The content of this module will provide you with background information on Partnership for Health, its theoretical basis and key components of the strategy, an overview of the client sessions, and pre-implementation activities. Continuing education (CE) is available for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and health educators who are certified health education specialist (CHES). If you are interested in obtaining continuing education, please follow the directions at the end of the course. If you are not interested in obtaining continuing education, please print your certificate at the end of the module. 

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe the steps in delivering brief adherence counseling messages during clinic visits.
  • Describe the use of a medication scheduler to establish cues for improving adherence.
  • Identify and describe social and behavioral factors associated with medication non-adherence, and identify strategies to improve adherence. 

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